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Limitless is a ministry of the A&M Church of Christ that seeks to serve God’s people, regardless of their abilities. We strive to allow each person, and those who care for them, to participate fully in the body of Christ. We provide both self-contained learning environments and an inclusive approach to meeting the needs of each individual. We serve children and adults of all ages ensuring that each participant feels loved while developing spiritually at his or her level.​

Limitless Kids Ministry seeks to provide opportunities for children with disabilities and their families to participate in the community of the church body.  We strive for children with special needs to learn about God’s love in a way that is accessible to them. Children can attend Bible Class every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening at A&M Church of Christ. We also provide childcare during Sunday worship time, and we host a local chapter of a nationwide respite program called rEcess, which is a parents night out for families at A&M Church of Christ and in the BCS community.

Limitless Adults Ministry is an inclusive, people-first ministry that focuses on the needs of differently-abled adults and their caregivers. We provide concrete, Bible-based lessons every Sunday morning at the A&M Church of Christ. 

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